How do I get a good photo for you to make a silhouette?

TIPS: Get on the same eye level as your subject. This is very important! Make sure you can see the neckline, nose, lips, top of the head, back of the head, and full length of the hair.

It does not need to be a professional photo by any means. Just snap one with your phone. For babies, I suggest tilting their head to the side while they are napping. Also, taking photos while kids are watching the TV usually work perfectly! :)

For girls, having the hair up in some way is usually a bit more fun.
It helps if the background is a solid color, like a wall.

Can I add name/text/date below my silhouette?

Yes. Yes. And Yes.

Do you make silhouettes of adults?


Where/ how do I print my digital files?

Honestly if you wanted to, you can print it at home! I usually send my pdf to a local print shop. Or use your jpeg to print somewhere like Costco or Walgreens. 

Usually photo shops only accept jpegs, but professional copy/ print centers would like the pdf.

Can I send the files to my mom so she can print them?

Nope. I retain rights to the image copyright after sale.

Basically, this means you can't be distributing the files to everyone....


YOU can have as many printed up in as many different ways as you want!

Print extra for Grandparents, have one printed up on canvas, or a mousepad, a t-shirt if you really want!

What pens do you recommend to letter with? 

Tombow pens are my fave. There are several different kinds, I address this in detail in my workbook if you are interested!

Do you do custom lettering projects? 

Yeppers. Shoot me an email.


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Refunds and Exchanges

Due to digital the nature of my items, there are no refunds.